Vacuum Tube Lifters: A new product lifting aid for our workers

Enhance worker safety and efficiency with Enjoying Go’s Vacuum Tube Lifters, a revolutionary solution for material handling. Designed for warehouse and production tasks, these lifters alleviate the strain of moving heavy cartons, promoting a secure grip through vacuum technology. Workers can easily transport loads up to 300 kg, ensuring swift and injury-free operations. With components like pumps, lift tubes, suction feet, and heads, the lifter provides airtight seals for secure lifting. The benefits include enhanced flexibility, streamlined mobility, and increased productivity, making it an invaluable addition to any production line. Invest in the well-being of your workers with this cutting-edge lifting aid.

Enjoying go is a Patented company with US, EU, and Taiwan patents

High-quality caster wheels by Enjoying Go for smooth mobility. Patented designs ensure durability and attractive options. Customizable options available. Office chairs, home furniture, medical equipment, and more. Patent technology combines Nylon and PU materials. Improved peel-off problem. Quiet and safe movement. Enhance chair lifespan. Reliable and customer-focused manufacturing.

Using a caster on the Baby cot

Using a caster wheel on a baby cot is the best solution for those who want to move their cot around. These are great for co-sleep with your baby and moving the cot to your baby’s room easily. In short, a caster on the baby cot makes it easily moveable. Therefore, this can be a great and practical solution for parents, caregivers, and grandparents. It is because, with these, it’s become easier to move the baby cot around and keep it in front of your eyes all the time.

More than just color, the surface design

Customize casters with Enjoying Go for vibrant colors and unique surface designs, and we have years of experience and innovative technology ensure top-notch quality.
We have many kind of exterior can choose, like matted or glossy surface finishes and Limitless color options available, even you can incorporate your business logo.