Custom Caster Wheel

As a leading Caster Manufacturer, Enjoying Go Co.,ltd offers

custom caster wheel

solutions tailored to your needs.

Our advantages include: Comprehensive Sizes: We provide a wide range of sizes to fit any furniture or equipment. Custom Colors: Choose from a variety of colors to match your aesthetic preferences. Personalized Packaging: We offer customizable packaging options to suit your branding or logistical needs. Experience better caster wheels with our Custom Caster Wheels service.

Choose Stem Type
Grip Ring Stem
Grip Ring Stem
Grip Ring Stem
Grip Ring Stem
Ø11 x L22mm Ø6 x L25mm
Ø11 x L25mm Ø8 x L25mm
Ø10 x L25mm  
Slient Stem
Ø11 x L22mm
Grip Neck Stem
Ø8 x L38mm
Threaded Stem
Threaded 1
Threaded 2
Threaded Stem(Metric Unit)
Ø6 x L15mm Ø10 x L15mm
Ø8 x L15mm Ø10 x L25mm
Ø8 x L25mm Ø10 x L30mm
Ø12 x L20mm Ø12 x L25mm
Threaded Stem(Imperial Unit)
Ø5/16" x L15mm Ø3/8" x L15mm
Ø5/16" x L19mm Ø3/8" x L19mm
Ø5/16" x L25mm Ø3/8" x L25mm
Ø1/4" x L38mm  
Top Plate Stem
Plate 1
Plate 2
Top Plate Stem
L1.8 x W38 x D38(d25) x Ø5
L2 x W42 x D42(d30) x Ø5
L2 x W54 x D54(d42) x Ø6.5
If you can't find the specification on the list, don't hesitate to contact us.
The stems can be customized as required.
Choose Caster Type
Product 1 2
37mm (1.5")
Product 1 2
50mm (2")
Product 1 2
55mm (2.2")
6004 23 2
60mm (2.4")
6504 23 1
65mm (2.6")
7506 16 4
75mm (3")
10006 25 SC 2
100mm (4")
W 125 HI 0007 1
125mm (5")
Product 1 2
Product 1 2
Locking Caster
Product 1 2
Auto Brake Caster
Product 1 2
Product 1 2
Product 1 2
5005 E 3
Single Color
Product 1 2
Achromatic Color
Product 1 2