Advantages Of PU Caster

Our eco-friendly wheels, designed for all floors without scratching, ensuring quality with a 5-year warranty. Sturdy, durable, and capable of handling heavy loads, these wheels have passed a rigorous 100,000-cycle durability test. Experience quiet and smooth operation with a scent-free design for noise-free use.

Advantage 1
Eco-friendly material, the wheels don't smell.
Advantage 2
Friendly Rollers
Suitable for all floors without causing scratches.
Advantage 3
5-Year Assurance
Quality guaranteed with 5-year warranty.
Advantage 4
Robust and Reliable
Sturdy and durable, with heavy load capacity.
Advantage 5
Rolling Resilience
100,000 cycles of durability rolling test.
Advantage 6
Quiet and smooth with no noise during use.

PU Caster Patented Design

Our patented technique enables the seamless integration of PU and Nylon materials in a Co-injection (Two-Shot Injection). The hallmark of our PU caster wheels lies in their revolutionary design, addressing the peel-off issue prevalent in soft PU casters.

With an ultra-quiet, smooth-rolling twin-wheel configuration, pre-lubricated for optimal performance, our PU caster wheels effortlessly navigate flooring surfaces without compromising workflow efficiency. Experience enhanced comfort and prolonged lifespan of office chairs with our innovative PU caster wheels.

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