Get the caster wheels suitable for wide applications


Enjoying Go is an all-in-one solution for people who need caster wheels. It provides an amazing range of caster wheels that are suitable for a wide variety of applications. We have marked our strong presence in the industry by providing versatile caster wheels solutions.

Since our inception, we have emerged as the leading caster wheels manufacturer in Taiwan and overseas.

Fortunately, our caster wheels have a good reputation in the industry due to their multi-purpose usage. Moreover, we have been investing in our manufacturing technology to make our caster wheels suitable for wide applications.

What makes our caster wheels so special?

We believe that having the right caster wheel size can add more convenience to multiple applications. Enjoying Go offers a 75mm caster wheel that is a versatile solution for all your caster wheel needs.

This caster wheel is not only beneficial to use on your office chair; in fact, you can use it on different other areas as well. These areas of applications more often include industrial furniture, home furniture, hospital beds, school equipment, and much more.

Besides that, our 75mm caster wheels can bear a 70 to 120 kg load. Above all, our experts also have performed slope testing to ensure that our caster wheel meets the request of our clients. It has worked amazingly and stayed still at a 30-degree slope for hours. 

Different applications of Enjoying Go caster wheels

Enjoying Go has brought a versatile caster wheel for its consumers. You can use this caster wheel in different applications. Some of these include:

Mobile furniture

Having mobile furniture in your home and office can enhance your productivity. For instance, when working in an office, you may need to move your chair or desk for some reason. A caster wheel under office furniture will make it easier to move these objects around quickly.

On the other hand, making home furniture moveable can also make cleaning and rearranging your space easier.

Portable school equipment

Portable school equipment has become a must for every classroom. The easier and smoother movement of furniture makes it easier for staff to manage their required furniture or equipment as per everyday needs.

Medical equipment caster wheel.

Enjoying Go provides a highly suitable caster wheel to make your medical equipment portable. These caster wheels feature a unique design that makes them more suitable for medical facilities. Whether working in a dental clinic or a hospital, you can use these caster wheels to enjoy the benefits of portable equipment.

Why is our 75 mm caster wheel beneficial to buy?

Do you want to know why our 75mm caster wheel is the best and most versatile option to consider? Then there are the key benefits of our caster wheels you must know.

So, here we go:

  • The wheels of this caster come up with a larger diam, which makes it a less-resistant option. Using this wheel will ultimately create no damage to the flooring.
  • Moreover, our caster wheel contains a mounted plate that makes the installation process easier and quicker.
  • Above all, the caster wheel is highly versatile and can be used for various applications. The caster wheel has a well-suited area for a wide range of applications.

In addition, the caster wheel from Enjoying Go is environment-friendly and non-abrasive.