5007 14 SB 1
5007 14 SB 2
50mm (2")

50mm Brake loaded Caster 5007-14-SB

Compression Brake Casters
Diameter 50mm(2″)
Hood 14mm
Static Capacity 40KGS/PCS
Stem Grip Ring / Top Plate / Screw (The stems can be customized as required; please refer to the stem specification list below)
Color Casters can be made in any color combination required
Material High impact nylon core & hood with soft, highly hydrolysis resistant PU treads
Packing 200 piece/Carton
Brake loaded Caster, Sit-Brake, Secure Caster: Innovative Automatic Brake Design for Enhanced Safety
The "Sit-brake" secure caster is an innovative wheel designed for children and professionals requiring strong focus, prioritizing chair safety. Equipped with an automatic brake locking system, it ensures the caster locks when a child sits down, preventing movement, and unlocks when they stand up, allowing movement to prevent accidental chair sliding. This intelligent safety feature makes it the top choice for children's chairs or industries requiring strong focus.
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Co-Injection Technology

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Advantages Of PU Caster

Our eco-friendly wheels, designed for all floors without scratching, ensuring quality with a 5-year warranty. Sturdy, durable, and capable of handling heavy loads, these wheels have passed a rigorous 100,000-cycle durability test. Experience quiet and smooth operation with a scent-free design for noise-free use.

Advantage 1
Eco-Friendly Manufacturing
Eco-friendly material, Odor-free design, ensuring a fresh and comfortable environment.
Advantage 2
Friendly Rollers
Suitable for all floors without causing scratches.
Advantage 3
5-Year Assurance
Quality guaranteed with 5-year warranty.
Advantage 4
Robust and Reliable
Sturdy and durable, with heavy load capacity.
Advantage 5
Rolling Resilience
100,000 cycles of durability rolling test.
Advantage 6
Quiet and smooth with no noise during use.

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