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Brake Loaded Caster-50mm (4)

Brake Unloaded Caster-50mm (1)

Brake Unloaded Caster-60mm (2)

Brake Unloaded Caster-65mm (2)

Self-Braking Caster/ Compression Brake Caster

Compression wheels are the best and safest way to do so. Even though mobility is always a preferable feature to consider for enhanced efficiency, it isn’t always necessary to keep moving your office chair here and there. At that time, using a brake-loaded caster can be the best thing to consider. A compression caster can let you enjoy complete control over the mobility and movement of your chairs in the best possible way.

Most organizations are now considering brake unloaded casters as standard casters to avoid any unwanted incident within their office buildings.

Investing in the Enjoy Caster’s compression caster range can let you reap all the benefits of this particular caster type with ease.

What is Compression Caster (Brake loaded Caster/ brake unloaded caster)?
-The brake-loaded caster can prohibit rolling when you sit on the chair.
-The brake unloaded caster can stop moving when no weight is used on chairs’ seating.