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100mm(4″) PU Caster 10006-25

100mm(4″) PU Caster 10006-25-BK

100mm(4″) PU Caster 10006-25-BK-SC

100mm(4″) PU Caster 10006-25-SC

125MM (5″) PU Caster W-125-HI-0002

125MM (5″) PU Caster W-125-HI-0003

125MM (5″) PU Caster W-125-HI-0007

125MM (5″) PU Caster W-125-HI-0010


Industrial Wheel

Have you ever considered how to choose the right industrial wheels for your trolleys or transport carts? Let Enjoying Go, the professional industrial casters manufacturer, tell you! When buying heavy-duty industrial casters, you need to consider these factors: safety & ergonomics, load capacity, floor protection, operating conditions, extreme climate, and cost-efficiency analysis. According to these factors, selecting the proper industrial wheel and caster ensures maximum productivity, minimizes long-term costs, & provides the greatest return on investment.

Types of Enjoying Go industrial caster wheels are from long-lasting, floor safe polyurethane treads to durable, high-impact, high capacity semi-steel, as noise reduced casters, heat-resisting casters, central lock casters. Our heavy-duty trolley wheels customer can customize selections to your needs. If you require heavy-duty industrial wheels or stem casters, please feel free to contact Enjoying Go!