7506 18 SC 1
7506 18 SC 2
75mm (3")

75mm PU Equipment Caster 7506-18-SC

Equipment Caster/ Industrial Castors
Diameter 75mm(3″)
Hood 18mm
Static Capacity 63KGS/PCS
Stem Grip Ring / Top Plate / Screw (The stems can be customized as required; please refer to the stem specification list below)
Color Casters can be made in any color combination required
Material High impact nylon core & hood with soft, highly hydrolysis resistant PU treads
Packing 100 piece/Carton
Equipment Caster / Industrial Wheel: Steel Cast Flow - The Power Source
In the pulse of industry, we offer more than just wheels; we provide a perfect blend of power and durability. Our industrial wheels, unmatched in durability and reliability, imbue various machinery and heavy equipment with a fluid soul, paving the way for innovative mobility solutions in your industry.
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One-Time Injection Technology

Advantages Of PU Caster

Our eco-friendly wheels, designed for all floors without scratching, ensuring quality with a 5-year warranty. Sturdy, durable, and capable of handling heavy loads, these wheels have passed a rigorous 100,000-cycle durability test. Experience quiet and smooth operation with a scent-free design for noise-free use.

Advantage 1
Eco-Friendly Manufacturing
Eco-friendly material, Odor-free design, ensuring a fresh and comfortable environment.
Advantage 2
Friendly Rollers
Suitable for all floors without causing scratches.
Advantage 3
5-Year Assurance
Quality guaranteed with 5-year warranty.
Advantage 4
Robust and Reliable
Sturdy and durable, with heavy load capacity.
Advantage 5
Rolling Resilience
100,000 cycles of durability rolling test.
Advantage 6
Quiet and smooth with no noise during use.

Do you have customization needs?

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