Enjoying Go uses ROHS-compliant raw materials.

ROHS compliantrawmaterials

Humans’ waste and exposure to lead and mercury are rapidly increasing in different manufacturing settings. These hazardous substances can be life-threatening for the workforce, especially if they are exposed to these materials for longer.

Enjoying Go uses RoHS-compliant raw materials only in its product manufacturing to keep our workers healthy and ensure their safety. RoHS compliance is the most important certification in assembly and manufacturing lines. Therefore, we worked harder to make our raw materials RoHS compliant to ensure the safety and well-being of our workers.

A quick guide on Enjoying Go uses RoHS-compliant raw materials.

Do you want to learn more about RoHS compliance and our approach to its certification? Let’s look at the details mentioned below to understand things better. So, here we go:

Introduction to RoHS compliance.

Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) is a regulation enacted in July 2006 by the European Union. This regulation works as a specific standard to restrict the use of hazardous substances in EE products. Moreover, the RoHS regulation has also listed 10 hazardous substances whose exposure must be restricted in any manufacturing business.

According to RoHS regulation, the rule is applied to all manufacturers, sub-assemblies, and cables. Businesses that comply with RoHS regulations would not be allowed to sell or distribute their products within European Union countries.

Even though the restrictions are applied to the businesses that need to sell or distribute their products in the EU, technically. However, various companies and industries all across the globe are also observing this standard. This is mainly because the supply chain has become more connected globally.

RoHS compliance provides the same multiple benefits for safer and cleaner environments.

Enjoying Go opts for RoHS-compliant raw materials.

Enjoying Go is not only a leading caster wheels manufacturer globally. It is also familiar with its sustainable and well-regulated manufacturing facility. We believe in caring for our workforce and ensuring a cleaner and safer work environment.

Therefore, we always opt for RoHS-compliant raw materials throughout our product line.

The use of RoHS-compliant materials in the Enjoying Go production line offers multiple benefits. For instance:

  • These materials help us in creating a safer and cleaner environment.
  • Moreover, these materials also help us to increase indoor air quality in the best possible way.
  • Above all, there are no plasticizers and no smell indoors.

Benefits of being RoHS compliant

There are multiple benefits of RoHS-compliant materials. However, here are the two most important ones to consider for everyone. These include reducing heavy metal poisoning instances. The workers in industries handling hazardous materials suffer the most due to mercury and lead poisoning. However, RoHS requires materials free of these hazardous components to reduce heavy material poisoning cases in these industries.

On the other hand, RoHS compliance also ensures enhanced product reliability. Moreover, customers in different industries are assured of improved product safety. Therefore, the reliability of RoHS-compliant manufacturers has increased dramatically.

Fortunately, Enjoying Go has also adopted the directive to play its role in reducing heavy material poisoning and ensuring a safe and clean working environment.