What are the processes for making custom-made casters?

makingcustom madecasters

Although casters are available in various sizes, colors, and designs, it can still be hard to find a perfect caster to match your application needs. To get the right casters, you can consider getting custom-made casters from Enjoying Go. Custom-made casters are specifically designed to meet your unique needs.

Enjoying Go offers you a variety of options to make custom-made casters

Customized casters can easily meet the ergonomic requirements of any industry setting. Typically, you can get custom-made casters as per different aspects. These include:

  • To choose the right casters for your floor conditions.
  • To get the right casters for your application needs
  • To meet with the interior of your place
  • To meet your industrial standards.

Regardless of the reason why you want custom-made casters, Enjoying Go is the best place to get top-notch customized casters. Unlike other manufacturers, Enjoying Go offers you a variety of customization options to create your perfect custom-made casters.

You can simply contact their sales representative to describe your customization needs. The professional team here can assist you throughout the process. You can then book your order and easily get your custom-made casters at your specified time.

Different processes to make custom-made casters

Enjoying Go generally offers you the following processes to get customized casters. Knowing these processes will certainly help you to understand things better.

So, here we go:

Color-customized casters

You can customize the color of all the caster wheels available at Enjoying go. The availability of casters in multiple color customization options is a big advantage. You can easily meet your design needs by choosing the right color for your casters.

Most amazingly, Enjoying Go has its own color mixing room. You just tell us the Pantone number for the color you want. The rest is our technician’s responsibility to create casters in your perfect color.

You can request color customization for the different parts of casters. These parts generally include PU, Nylon, brake, and cup or hood.

Logo customized casters

You can also logo-customize your casters to create a professional look for your workspace. Here are the key steps to follow to logo customize your casters in the best possible way:

  • Firstly, provide drawing confirmation. Provide the drawing you want to get as the logo on your caster. We will adjust the logo to fit as per caster size to make it look good.
  • Then select the size of your caster to let us create a caster mold accordingly. For logo casters, it’s recommended to choose the minimum caster size of 60mm. We will first create samples for approval.
  • Once you accept the samples, we will send them your way for approval. Then we’ll start producing your logo customized in mass.

Customize the surface design of your casters

Another way to customize your casters is by choosing their surface design. Enjoying Go offers two types of surface finishes. These include glossy surfaces and matted surfaces. You can easily choose any of these for your custom-made casters as per your needs.


Overall, Enjoying Go is the best place to get custom-made casters. We can deliver your custom-made casters on time. However, you can contact our team if you don’t know the process of placing an order here.