3701 E BK05B FT38 1
37mm (1.5")

37mm Nylon Caster with Brake 3701-E-BK

Locking Caster/Brake Caster
Diameter 37mm(1.5″)
Hood 14mm
Static Capacity 44KGS/PCS
Stem Grip Ring / Top Plate / Screw (The stems can be customized as required; please refer to the stem specification list below)
Color Casters can be made in any color combination required
Material High-impact Nylon
Packing 200 piece/Carton
Brake Caster: Professional Anti-Skid Brake Caster Wheel, Ensuring Safety and Stability
Enjoying go meticulously crafts brake casters that not only secure safety with every stop but also integrate precise control into every movement. Whether on inclined ramps or flat spaces, our brake casters offer the finest stopping and moving experiences.
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Nylon Casters: Durable and Cost-Effective Mobility Solutions

Advantages Of Nylon Caster

Nylon Caster Wheels: Durable and Practical Strong Partners

Advantage 1
Nylon casters offer competitive pricing for budget-conscious applications.
Advantage 2
Nylon casters excel on diverse surfaces, enhancing usability and flexibility.
Advantage 3
Chemical Resistance
Nylon resists oils and chemicals for versatile use.
Advantage 4
High Durability
Wheels made of quality nylon for lasting strength.
Advantage 5
Low Rolling Resistance
Nylon wheels glide smoothly on hard surfaces, aiding heavy loads.
Advantage 6
High Market Acceptance
Nylon casters are widely accepted for their durability and value.

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