3701 E SC 1
37mm (1.5")

37mm Furniture Nylon Caster 3701-E

Furniture Caster-37mm (1.5")
Diameter 37mm(1.5″)
Hood 14mm
Static Capacity 44KGS/PCS
Stem Grip Ring / Top Plate / Screw (The stems can be customized as required; please refer to the stem specification list below)
Color Casters can be made in any color combination required
Material High-impact Nylon
Packing 200 piece/Carton
Home Furniture Casters: Elevate Your Living Space
Every corner of your home embodies fluidity and aesthetics. Our carefully crafted furniture casters not only make moving furniture effortless but also add a touch of refined design to your living space.
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Nylon Casters: Durable and Cost-Effective Mobility Solutions

Advantages Of Nylon Caster

Nylon Caster Wheels: Durable and Practical Strong Partners

Advantage 1
Nylon casters offer competitive pricing for budget-conscious applications.
Advantage 2
Nylon casters excel on diverse surfaces, enhancing usability and flexibility.
Advantage 3
Chemical Resistance
Nylon resists oils and chemicals for versatile use.
Advantage 4
High Durability
Wheels made of quality nylon for lasting strength.
Advantage 5
Low Rolling Resistance
Nylon wheels glide smoothly on hard surfaces, aiding heavy loads.
Advantage 6
High Market Acceptance
Nylon casters are widely accepted for their durability and value.

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