Vacuum Tube Lifters A new product lifting aid for our workers

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Aging populations and labor shortages are global trends. To meet the post-pandemic demand for small quantities of diversified products, traditional automation and mass production are no longer flexible enough.
Therefore, it is essential to rely on experienced employees to lead and manage teams to flexibly respond to the changes after the pandemic.

ENJOY CASTER, ENJOYING GO Company manufactures wheel casters for furniture equipment.
The standard shipping box for each wheel caster weighs about 16-18 kilograms.
With the increasing age of employees on the production line, we have identified the need to improve current manual handling and stacking methods to make the work process of experienced employees safer and more efficient.

We believe that middle-aged employees are valuable assets to the company. They have a wealth of experience and knowledge and have made significant contributions to the company. Therefore, we hope to create a safe and comfortable working environment for middle-aged employees through the improvement of hardware and software systems.

After considering various brands, we purchased vacuum lifting devices from SCHMALZ Handling Systems. These devices use vacuum suction technology to effectively reduce the burden of lifting heavy objects and reduce the risk of occupational injuries caused by lifting heavy objects.

The use of vacuum lifting devices has brought about the following improvements:

– Improved efficiency and productivity: Vacuum lifting devices can significantly improve the efficiency of material handling and processing, thereby accelerating the production process.

– Reduced labor burden: Lifting heavy objects can be a burden on the body, which can easily lead to fatigue and injuries. Vacuum lifting devices can help protect the health of employees by reducing the physical burden of lifting.

– Improved safety: Vacuum lifting systems can reduce the risk of manual handling and operation, thereby reducing the likelihood of accidents in the workplace. This helps to create a safer working environment.

– Precise control: SCHMALZ Systems Typically have precise control capabilities, allowing users to achieve high precision and accuracy when handling materials. This is critical for processing steps that require specific placement of materials.

– Adaptability to a variety of applications: SCHMALZ’s vacuum lifting systems can typically be adapted to objects of various shapes and sizes, increasing flexibility and suitability for a variety of applications.

We believe that employee-friendly middle-aged workplaces can make companies more competitive. We also hope that these measures will make middle-aged employees feel happy and comfortable at work.

Humane management is not just a slogan for us but the core of our corporate culture. We strive to ensure that every employee feels respected and understood, regardless of their age, ability, or background. Through flexible working hours, health benefits, career training, and an environment that encourages innovation, we encourage employees to reach their full potential while maintaining a work-life balance.

ENJOY CASTER, ENJOYING GO Company is actively promoting progressive policies. We believe that continuous learning and development are essential to ensuring the company’s continued success. Through supporting employee participation in training programs, promoting diversity and inclusion, and encouraging employees to offer suggestions and ideas, we are committed to building a culture that embraces change and innovation.