The Caster Wheel Factory’s Don’t Tell You Production Secrets.

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When choosing the best caster manufacturer, you may find multiple options online. Besides the lead time and price of casters, quality is always important in modern casters manufacturing.

Enjoying Go is always the best source of getting high-quality casters. Unlike other caster wheel factories, we let our customers know the production secrets of caster wheels. It is because, knowing all the details about caster wheels production, it becomes easier for consumers to make more informed decisions.

Different aspects of caster production you must know

Different materials and processes have been used in the production of caster wheels. Here we will explore the benefits of each material to understand more about these.

Nylon wheels

Nylon is a more durable caster material after steaming. It is a more common material for general furniture. Nylon wheels are beneficial for multiple reasons, including:

  • High abrasion resistance
  • Resistance to impact damage and wear and tear.
  • Nylon wheels can easily withstand higher temperatures.
  • These are also popular for general furniture because of their higher loading capacity.

Above all, this is a low-cost material that has a longer lifetime. It doesn’t need high maintenance, unlike other wheel materials. Nylon wheels can maintain their integrity even when working under situations leading to abrasion and friction.

PU wheels

PU wheels are highly wear-resistant. These are more suitable for wooden floors because of their shock-absorbing and water-resistant qualities. Most importantly, high-end furniture brands also prefer PU wheels because of their reliability and durability.

Above all, PU Wheels are here because this work reliably and strong, even under pressure.


The two options at Enjoying Go are the stem-upper shaft &amp and; the horizontal bar side shaft. You can choose any of these as per your preferences. Enjoying Go lubricates all the touchpoints of casters with grease for quiet and smooth movement in the best possible way.

Color powder

Enjoying Go offers color customization options for its consumers. The manufacturer adopts color powder development techniques. Color powder helps adopt color development solutions that are high-temperature resistant and non-toxic. That’s the reason the color of Enjoying Go casters stays for long without any wear and tear.


Electroplating is a fancy way to stay environmentally friendly when it’s about plating the metals to protect them against corrosion. Enjoying Go utilizes Trivalent Environmental Electroplating technology to ensure casters’ safety and pollution prevention.

Enjoying Go is a socially responsible casters manufacturer. Therefore, its manufacturing technology is highly responsible and environmentally friendly.

Enjoying Go has combined different materials in one product.

Enjoying Go is synonymous with innovation and technology. The manufacturer has more than 2 decades of OEM experience. It has combined Nylon and PU in one product to offer you advantages of both. Enjoying Go relies on a one-time plastic injection.

The manufacturer injects Nylon and PU simultaneously for improved reliability and performance. Enjoying Go has also improved the peel-off problem of PU casters in its unique patent way.

So, now you can experience improved casters with impressive designs and unmatchable performance here.