How to transform our furniture turn to mobile/rolling furniture?

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How to transform our furniture turn to mobile/rolling furniture? Actually, is quite easy. We can attach caster wheels to the bottom. Use a drill or screwdriver to lock the top plate stem with Enjoying go caster. Then your furniture is ready to roll. 

Rolling furniture is a good idea to make heavy furniture easier to clean behind or rearrange. Only with a few steps, you can roll your furniture around the room as needed. The most common transformations are used by tables, kitchen islands, or cabinets or even can use on the recliner, Bedside Cabinet, crib, Changing Table Dresser, dressers, or boot tray.

We recommend purchasing caster wheels with a locking mechanism so your furniture only moves when you want it to, you can put two casters with brake, two without, or 4 casters with brake.

What size of caster do you need to use? It depends on the weight of the furniture. When furniture like Kitchen islands we would recommend choosing the caster size starting from 65mm or adding two more casters to bear more weight. Enjoying go caster specification and 2d drawing as follow, 

50MM caster: Static Capacity 50KGS/PCS; Height: 59MM 
60MM caster: Static Capacity 60KGS/PCS; Height: 69MM
65MM caster: Static Capacity 70KGS/PCS; Height: 74MM 
75MM caster: Static Capacity 75KGS/PCS; Height: 89MM

In fact, we only need some modifications to make your home life more convenient.

We also can transform the desk into a functional and versatile kitchen cart. It has lots of great uses from a bar chart to a kitchen island to a dining room buffet! It depends on how creative you are and what kind of furniture you need.

If you are interested in more caster products, you can visit our shop Enjoy caster on Amazon to purchase our caster, and start to transform your furniture from today.