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Do you want to add a more professional and unique feel to your office furniture? Enjoy Caster gives you an amazing opportunity to do so. Make your office furniture look different and get your chairs and other furniture casters customized with your logo on them.The logo is undoubtedly one of the most important branding elements of your business, and getting it customized on your office furniture caster will arguably benefit you in multiple ways.

How to get your logo caster customized with Enjoy Caster?

When it is about to get your logo caster customized, most of the people out there think that this is going to be a hectic process. However, Enjoy Caster has made the process super simple. With us, you can get your logo casters customized with ease by following just some simple steps.Let’s have a look at the overview of these steps below to know how you can get your logo caster customized with us easily.So, here we go:

Provide your logo artwork

Customers have to upload their logo artwork along with its size details to book their order. You are allowed to upload logo artwork in graphic or letter format. After uploading your logo artwork, make sure to let us know the number of customized casters with the logo you want us to deliver.

Get your quote

Despite charging 2,000 USD for every customized model, we can let you get your pricing quote here. After receiving your logo artwork and the number of casters you want, we will provide you a correct pricing quote. So, you can easily make a more informed decision as per yourImportant Note:The refund policy is USD 0.1 per pcs if the first order meets MOQ 10,000 PCS.

Enjoy Go will do the rest of the job

When you will confirm your order, Enjoy Caster will start working on your order.

•Firstly, the team here will work to draw the caster you need and adjust the logo on it to make it look good.

•Then, they will create mold and send that as a sample to you.

•Once you approved the samples sent to your location, Enjoy Caster will immediately start working on mass production to let you get your logo caster customized as soon as possible.

Always remember that our pricing quotes are based on the graphics included in your logo design. Also, we need 45 working days to create a mold for your logo design. Once we will finish the process, our team will send you some casters customized with your logo on them as samples. You can double-check them to confirm if you want more.


Overall, our logo caster customization process is simpler at the customer’s end. It is because you just have to provide us your logo artwork, and the rest is our headache to deliver you customized casters at your doorstep as per our promised time.For further information or details on our logo caster customization process, you can get in touch with Enjoy Caster’s customer support team.