Enjoying go is a Patented company with US, EU, and Taiwan patents

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Whenever you need to invest in high-quality and heavy-duty caster wheels, turn to Enjoying go to fulfill all your needs. Enjoying go is a patented company that provides impressive quality and attractive designs in caster wheels.

We have invested years in creating original caster wheels that are meant to be long-lasting. Moreover, various Enjoying go products have become the industry standard by which other similar products are measured.

Whether you need to get our general caster wheel designs or want to customize these as per your needs, Enjoying go is always here to fulfill all your needs in this regard.

Enjoying go has been investing in its patent technology for years

We understand that caster wheels are essential as these can make or even break the mobility of anything. Therefore, investing in high-quality caster wheels manufactured by a patented company is highly important. This practice will help you to enjoy the smoother mobility of any hardware.

Fortunately, Enjoying go has become one of the leading yet patented caster wheel manufacturers. As a patented caster wheel company with US, Taiwan, and EU patents, we specialize in manufacturing the best caster wheels for multiple applications. These applications often include:

  • Office chairs
  • Home Furniture
  • Medical equipment
  • Hardware market, and more.

Moreover, we are highly committed and dedicated to providing innovative designs.

Our PU Caster has a patent design.

Primarily, Enjoying go combines Nylon and PU material in a single piece. Fortunately, our caster design method is patent. We inject other materials with a combination of PU and Nylon.

  • Our patent design’s best advantage is the improved peel-off problem of caster wheels. Our patent design methodology keeps the soft PU material from peeling off.
  • Moreover, the PU caster wheels with our patent design also provide additional benefits. These include a smooth rolling design with a pre-lubricated twin wheel and ultra-quiet movement.
  • You can move your objects around safely and quietly without disrupting workflow efficiency.

Consequently, our consumers feel happier and more comfortable on their office chairs. Above all, our patent caster wheel design can also improve your chair’s and other furniture’s lifespan.

We ensure to provide quality caster wheels with patents

Enjoying go has been serving the global industry of office furniture for more than two decades. Over the years, we worked dedicatedly to develop and test our patent technique. Fortunately, years of hard work have made Enjoying go to become a patented company in the US, Taiwan, and the EU.

With patented technology, Enjoying go provides plastic and nylon materials in a single piece. Initially, this patented technology was developed for office chairs to benefit consumers in multiple ways.

This patent technique enhances the comfort of caster users. Moreover, it can dramatically increase the lifespan of office caster wheels as the technology has completely improved the peel-off problem of nylon. Enjoying go has also entirely changed the concept of non-warranty caster wheels.

Overall, Enjoying go prioritizes quality, reliability, and the requirements of its customers in its design and manufacturing.