Enjoying Go Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Top chair caster wheel manufacturer

Enjoying Go Co., Ltd. is a chair caster wheel manufacturer specializing in caster wheels for office chairs, home furniture, light equipment, and medical equipment. Our products include various chair casters, heavy-duty casters, office chair components, Etc.

Our company locates in Nantou, Taiwan. So we’re also in the hardware supply chain in the middle area of Taiwan.


Enjoy Caster Technical Director Mr. Bruce Yang has more than 20 years of experience in the plastic injection of multiple materials for soccer sneaker outsole, so we have know-how about injection molding various colors and materials.

Therefore, we can promptly answer customers’ needs, from customized molding design to color-matching caster wheels.

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PU Caster Patented Design

Mainly, we can make PU and Nylon material combined in one piece when injected with our technique, and the method is a patent. The best advantage for our PU caster wheels is that we improved the peel-off problem of soft PU casters in our unique patent way. 

Our PU caster wheels are Ultra-Quiet, Smooth Rolling Design – A twin wheel, pre-lubricated. It’s rolling quietly and safely over flooring without disrupting workflow or efficiency.

The users feel more comfortable on office chairs with our PU caster wheels, which prolongs the office chairs’ lifespan.