2017 Alibaba TOP 10 Innovation Special Award

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Hi friends,

Da Yi Wei Tong (DYWT) participated in 2017 Alibaba Taiwan regional excellent e-commerce business selection, after a series of competitions, although we didn’t enter the finals, we still have the honor to get theTOP 10 innovationspecial award in Taiwan.Clip of interviewing our General Manager

Why the “Da Yi Wei Tongcompany, manufacturer of PU casters rolling toward happiness” get the 2017Alibaba TOP 10 innovation special award,particularlyfor these reasons:

  1. We do export business, selling products overseas despite we locate in Nantou, the only one non-coastal county in Taiwan.
  2. We market only a kind of merchandise – PU casters on Alibaba; however,we sell more than 3 million pieces all over the world in 2016.
  3. We increase 13 global buyers, though we run cross-bordere-commerce business less than 3 years.
  4. Think outside the box! We hope our goods closer to you and better your life rather thanbeing cold hardware, so wedirectly provide our products on 4 ebay and amazon global sites.