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    Locking Caster 5007BUG-14-BKS
    Locking Caster5007BUG-14-BKS
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    Design Caster 60L1BAGUR-23
    Design Caster60L1BUBL-23
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    Chair Caster 6005BUG-23
    Chair Caster6506BUB-23-C
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    Locking Caster 6505GUB-28-BK
    Locking Caster6505GUB-28-BK
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    Chair Base H-5BS315NY
    Chair BaseH-5BS315NY
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    Glides GL-B336356-BFP
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    Chair Caster 7506BGUB-16
    Chair Caster7506GUB-16
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    Design Caster 65F1BUB-23
    Design Caster65F1BUB-23

Enjoying Go Co., Ltd. is one of professional caster wheels manufacturers in Taiwan. We provide various castor wheels for office chairs, home furniture, industrial trolley, medical equipment, hospital bed, etc. Moreover, we can make PU and Nylon material combined in one piece when injection with technique. The patented technique not only makes users feel more comfortable when using Enjoying Go casters and wheels but also prolong the lifespan of wheel casters. Now, have any inquiries? Contact Enjoying Go Caster Supplier for more information!

Taiwan Caster Wheel ManufacturersEnjoying Go is Your Best Choice for Wheels and Castors
  • Quality Assurance
    Quality Assurance

    ENJOY castor manufacturer is able to develop new injection mold. Furthermore, out injection way can prolong the lifetime of casters. All of our caster wheels are tested to BIFMA standard, so we can promise our customers the best castors design and quality.

  • 5 Years Guarantee
    5 Years Guarantee

    ENJOY trolley wheels suppliers can make PU and Nylon material combined in one piece when injection with our patent technique, so we promise the PU layer will not come off from the caster wheels at least 5 years.

  • Customized Service
    Customized Service

    ENJOY can design casters with logo for your own products. It will make you more competitive in the global market. If you need custom casters, ENJOY caster wheel suppliers will be your best cooperation partner.

  • Global Market
    Global Market

    ENJOY PU wheels manufacturers current markets mainly distribute in USA, Japan, Europe. Moreover, we also sell to UK, Brazil, Pakistan, India, Spain, Poland, etc. Our castors and wheels are also sold world-widely by Amazon and eBay, and the quality is highly recognized and received.