Main Types of Office Chair Wheels 

When you’re purchasing casters for your office chairs, you’re supposed to understand the material of the wheel.
Because it might harm your floors if you have wrong casters.

There’re mainly two kinds of office chair wheels.
One is hard caster, the other is soft caster.
What’s the difference between ‘hard and soft’ casters? It is the material!

If the whole wheels are made of nylon, then they’re hard casters.
Because the hardness of nylon caster is harder than hardwood floors, if you use nylon casters, they will scratch hardwood floors.

If the wheels are made of nylon for the wheel body and polyurethane(PU) for the outer layer of the wheel,
then the part which contact floors is PU layer, then it is safe to hardwood floors.
Because the hardness of polyurethane (PU) is softer than hardwood floor, it won’t scratch it.

Now you know it’s important to understand the material when you choose casters !