Do You Know What The Difference Between Enjoy Caster and Other Brand Caster Wheels Are?

Let's watch this Youtube video for more details!

Casters of Other Brands

  • 1. Manufactured by traditional plastic injection way: two-time injection. (Nylon first, and then other materials)
  • 2. Tradition wrapping injection.
  • 3. Poor adhesion between PU & Nylon. And PU layer will easy to peel off during long-term use.

Products of ENJOY Caster

  • 1. Manufactured by new patent injection way: one-time injection. (Inject PU & Nylon at the same time)
  • 2. New patent injection.
  • 3. Excellent adhesion between PU and Nylon extend the life of caster greatly.

The most different point between both is ENJOY Caster has 5 year guarantee. Enjoying Go makes PU and Nylon material combined in one piece when injection with our new patent technique, so we promise the PU layer will not come off from the caster wheels at least 5 years.

If you have interest in Enjoy Caster, welcome to see Enjoying Go's product catalog for more office caster wheels!