How to Separate Chair Caster from The Stem? Solution for Caster Stem Stuck in Hole

If the caster stem is stuck in the chair base when you try to replace the caster, you must separate it with a flat screwdriver. But if the caster stem is completely stuck in the hole, the solution is:

  • 1. To measure the width and length of the stem.

  • 2. Tell Enjoying Go, and we'll know if your stem is compatible with our caster.

  • 3. If our casters fit your shaft, we can offer you casters which without stem.

  • 4. You can just put the stem into the caster hole. Hammer the flat screwdriver to make the caster tightly combine with the stem.

  • 5. Finish.

Tip from Enjoy Caster:

Please avoid to forcefully trample on the chair base when you try to replace the caster or the chair base will be broken.

If you have any question of removing caster wheels or caster stem, welcome to contact with Enjoying Go. Also, if you have requirement of office chair accessories, welcome to check out here: Office Furniture Parts for more details!